Document Services is currently closed, but the marketing department is fulfilling orders as needed.  

* If your job is less than 1,000 total pages, please utilize the floor copiers in your area. The internal cost to print on copiers is the same as using the printers in Doc Services.
* Print projects with finishing (cutting, binding, etc) are currently being outsourced off-site and you will be provided a production estimate.

1. Retrieving files. WebDeskPrint stores the files we’ve printed for a year. You can download files directly from your old orders. Check the “My Orders” tab, find the order you need and click “View”. Then you can download the attached files. 

2. Document Prep. If you need to edit a pdf, we can convert it into a Word document. Formatting and proofreading services are also available by emailing

3. Document Creation. The Doc Prep team can create fillable pdf forms. A Word document is preferred to start. If you only have a hard copy, please scan in your document and we may be able to recreate. Email your request to

4. Graphic Design. If you need any graphic design work, please complete the Marketing Request form at 

Please email us with further questions at and we'll try our best to help. Thank you and have a nice day.








Nothing lasts forever ...
While your completed orders are accessible
the attachments are not.

Due to storage limits, attachments are
automatically removed after 
one year, so
make sure you save your important files
in a more permanent location.


Reminder!  If your order was submitted,
you will receive an automated email receipt
within a minute or so of placing the order.

If you do not receive the email receipt,
we did not receive your order.  Double-check
your "My Orders" tab and see if you saved
it as Quote Only - if so, submit it.

If you are still having trouble with the submittal,
please email

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