Document Services is closed for the summer, but the marketing

department can support you as needed. We cannot fulfill print

requests while the campus is closed, but here are the virtual

services we can still provide:  

1. Retrieving files. Did you know that WebDeskPrint stores the

files we’ve printed for about a year? You can download files directly

from your old orders. Check the “My Orders” tab, find the order you

need and click “View”. Then you can download the attached files. 

2. Document Prep. Do you need to edit that PDF? We can convert it

to a Word Doc. Posting your notes online and want them proofread?

We can do that too. Please email us at

3. Document Creation. We can create fillable pdf forms for your

students to fill out and send back to you. Only have a hard copy?

Scan your document and email us at

and we may be able to recreate. 

4. Graphic Design. If you need any graphic design work, please

complete the Marketing Request form at

If you have any questions, please contact us at







Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Faculty and staff are working remotely to continue serving our

current and future students. Email is the best way to reach ICC faculty

and staff during this time.

For additional information, please visit:

ICC Virtual Services
ICC Coronavirus Updates


Nothing lasts forever ...

While your completed orders are accessible indefinitely, the attachments

are not. Due to storage limits, attachments are automatically deleted after 

one year, so make sure you save your important files.


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